Growth Tribe is hiring a

Growth & Agile Coach

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth Tribe is scaling it’s product offerings and looking for Growth and Agile coaches to maximize the learning and business outcomes for our trainees and other clients. This role exists at the intersection of Learning Design, Teaching and Organisational change management. Success in the role requires working closely with other coaches, trainers at Growth Tribe and improving our products in a data-driven and innovative way.

As a Growth and Agile coach, you deliver coaching for high-value products and clients, provide insights to the coaching process owner and contribute to the ongoing discovery, development and delivery of scalable training and coaching products for business. 


Coaching c-levels and leaders within organisations:

- Take part in sales meetings with c-levels to educate them on data-driven, autonomous, growth centric, T-shaped teams and organisations

- Transform their way of thinking to data-driven, autonomous, growth centric, T-shaped team

- Participate in changing the organisational structure if necessary

- Facilitating team formation workshops

  • Ensure priorities are clearly set and agreed upon
  • Ensure releasing experiments in easy not hard (hard = don’t want to)
  • Remove blockers, protect and facilitate

Training teams:

- Deliver growth and transformation trainings and workshops

- Facilitating team formation workshops
- Create & deliver materials and lectures addressing new technologies and company-specific needs

Coaching growth teams:

- Provide coaching on

  • agile way of working
  • growth process
  • stakeholder management

- Provide expert technical and project management guidance to small growth teams to help them increase their business metrics through experimentation.
- Proactively track & communicate team progress through coaching sessions, slack check-ins and feedback forms
- Online Support

  •  Help the team solve technical and business problems over slack. (edited)

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