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Fullstack Engineer - ClojureScript @Multis

About Multis

Multis is the Cryptobank for companies. We're building a neobank-like interface to enable companies to access, manage and use crypto. We're a small team of happy and passionate crypto enthusiasts:

We've been live since April.

We're eFounders' moonshot.

We're doing YC.

We want to be the companies' gateway to the crypto-economy by:

  • removing unnecessary intermediaries in legacy corporate financial services
  • providing access to new, unimagined, decentralized financial services

We know it's still early days for crypto, but when the world is ready for it, we will be too. 💃

Engineering at Multis

Most people would call Multis "just an interface" but you'd probably call it a server-less, backend-less, password-less, real-time fullstack ClojureScript static decentralized web application. It's not about ticking boxes though — we chose these technologies and architecture to cater for our very specific domain: the blockchain. As for our engineering principles, we only have one: simplicity.

How does it sound to you? 😏


  • You'll understand the problem by working and talking with the product team
  • You'll devise a plan by thinking at a design/architecture level and laying out the different engineering steps required
  • You'll carry out the plan to solve the problem by writing (or removing) simple ClojureScript code
  • You'll look back at your solution while submitting a detailed pull request and iterating on it with the assigned reviewer
  • You'll recognize Polya's How To Solve It in the previous points
  • You'll contribute to our engineering blog
  • You'll learn and have fun 🙂



  • Have 3+ years of experience as a fullstack engineer
  • Take ownership of projects
  • Are acquainted with ClojureScript (or have a strong willingness to learn it)
  • Are at ease in this ever-changing crypto/blockchain environment
  • Cultivate humility and curiosity about all things programming
  • Have a passion for simplicity
  • Know how to relax 🌴


Why should you apply?

  • You'll be living on the edge with us — we're actually the only french startup hiring for a ClojureScript fullstack position in the blockchain arena.
  • You'll be playing a key role in an early-stage startup.
  • You'll inevitably learn and grow fast.
  • You'll have a positive impact enabling companies to access financial services.
  • You'll be able to work remotely most of the time.
  • You'll have the possibility to get paid in crypto.

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