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Field Officer-Ted Project

Nairobi, Kenya

The Field Officer is the primary contact between GiveDirectly and the recipients. His/her role will be central to the success of the organization’s field operations. They hold the face and reputation of the organization in the community and manage the relationship with recipients and lowest level leaders in the community. The field officers work full time in the field and report to an Associate Field Manager. This role does not manage any other staff.

GiveDirectly holds highly the value of keeping recipients as the priority of our work and always ensuring recipients are satisfied with how the organization relates with them. The field officer therefore ensures eligible recipients are safeguarded, their rights are protected, their choices are respected and that they have the necessary support mechanisms to fully realize the impact of the transfers they receive from GiveDirectly.

Part of the field officer’s growth responsibility include supporting the Associate Field Manager in the day-to-day of field operations, including: work planning, field risk assessment, Community mobilization and sensitization, recipient protection.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Field Operations

       Meet the Ops quality bar for delivering quality field operations within the team including:

  • Conduct scheduled community meetings to discuss GD operations and any challenges faced by the community members
  • Conduct quality surveys with selected households in target communities
  • Demonstrate maturity when dealing with and communicating community challenges and concerns with recipients and their leaders
  • Flag survey quality and implementation gaps to the Associate Field Manager
  • Guide non-field guests to the field and help them understand GD field operations
  • Work closely with other teams within the organization to ensure recipient  protection, safeguarding and support
  • Report in a timely manner any serious risks in the community to the associate field manager if the risk gets serious
  • Office and field Administration
  • Contribute to quarterly and annual team work plans and field productivity forecasts.
  • Support onboarding of new team members and other GD staff
  • Provide full account of all resources received from the organization
  • Undertake AFM delegated duties on office administration

Role Qualifications

  • Higher diploma or undergraduate degree holder
  • A minimum of two years working experience in the field with communities
  • Empathy, honesty, and the highest standards of integrity
  • Strong interest in advancing the distinctive values and mission of GiveDirectly
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Physical fitness and ability to cope with difficult weather conditions or terrain
  • Patience and good judgment in resolving recipient problems

Application Deadline: 12th August 2020

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